Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wonderful Cell Outing!! Having lots of Fun

For the 1st time, I had fun in a cell outing. Haha. Actually, i wasn't really sure of going this outing coz of tiredness and a bit lazy lah... XD

Meet the guys at 11am at 1U. They played pool and fusball. We had so much fun even before the movie starts. After Phillip arrived, we went for a movie. Its called Cloverfield. Obviously, it sucks like hell. Seriously. It nearly made me vormit in the cinema. So, what
the fuck man. But the movies kinda ok lah. Boleh tahan lah. =D

After the movie, we went to the ground floor to get some panadol for hanrick. He was kinda having a headache during the movie. Haha.

Hanrick was having a bad headache after the movie. He even left before the movie. Haha =D

Met the girl cell at 2pm at GSC. Dah lah muka debbie takleh bla do. Haha =D

After meeting up with the girls, all of us felt hungry. So, we went to KFC instead of McDonald. Haha. But i dont understand girls at all. They've been sitting at KFC for at least 15 mins but at the end they switch to McDonald to eat. What the hell!! Saw Elaine also. She's working at Italiani's. Nice restaurant lah. =D

After that, we went bowling. I lost. Haha. I wasn't really feeling it today. Haiz =.=' (P.S. Samantha can bowl until damn geng lah)

For dinner, we eated at Italiani's. Eventhou the food is really expensive, but we still ate there coz mestilah support member kan?? Elaine working there lah. Haha. She's our waitress for the day. Haha. =D

After that, Phillip sent us home. Us is 6 person, me, Phillip, Kieran, Nicole Cow, Sasha, Emily and Emily's sister(don't know whats your name) . All of us cramming in Phillip's Sentra. Haha. Then something happened in the car. Its a secret. Ssshhh =D

Its not over yet.

My mom picked me up from LRT and brought me to my cousin's newly furnished house. Its so girly lah. Toilet also gt Hello Kitty. Microwave also Hello Kitty. =.='

After coming home, I slept right away. ZzZzZz =D


Sabrina Cheong said...

I love the toilet bowl cover xD