Sunday, January 18, 2009

"He taonga whakamiharo"(Treasures to be admired)

Today was on of the best day i ever had.
My cousin brought me surfing at a beach near the south coust. (didnt picked up the name. sorry bout that.)

Well. At first the currents of the sea scared me to death.
I was scared of hitting the rocks while im on my board. (im no pussy. You'll do the same thing if you were me)

The sands at black and shiny. smexy aye?
The Lion Rock came between the black sand and the white sand beaches. Kinda weird but cool at the same time.

It was cold as hell when you touched the water. And adding the wind speed of the ocean.
But i got used to the weather and conditions after awhile.

Nice View aye?
Should see it on your own. =D

Thursday, January 15, 2009

SCA. <3 ftw.

Didnt expected school to be so damn fun.
Made 20+ friends in 1st week alone. =P
Thursday will always be my favourite day right now.
<3 technical music class <3

If you're trying to ask me.
Chicks are easy to find.
Not easily obtained. LOL ( Bet on it)
Girls here are so..... Well. Open Minded!!
That ain't a problem right? =D

So, Who gives a crap.
Already got a sweetheart back in malaysia. <3 her vry much. (Dont try to ask) o0o
It seems 4 years gonna pass real quick.
Maybe* plox.

17Jan will be updated once more.
With me and some friends going to the beach to do "sightseeing". Rofl. =D
Stay away from drugs and stay in school.
Doesnt make sense.
But who cares.

Signing Off. =D