Thursday, April 10, 2008

Debate Team Rockz!!

Today was the Zon-Keramat Debate Competition.

We went to SMK Seri Ampang for the competition. That school seriously sucks to the max. The canteen is lacking food. So, i wanted to go to 7 eleven to buy some things to eat. Unfortunately, the bitchy teacher didn't let me go out.

After that, we knew we were facing SMK Taman Sri Rampai. They look young & very much like a amateur. We have to wait at least 4 hours for our turn to compete. So, me & my friend to play some basketball but the teachers don't allowed us to play because need to keep the school image. Screw school image man!! My school like shit still want to keep what kind of image?!! Image of people fighting or smoking a??!!

Anyways, it was finally our turn. We were kinda nervous at first but later everything went our way. Somehow, we were the 'Negative' team. Once it started, the 1st speaker of the opponent team said things that are utterly useless & pointless. Then their 2nd speaker wasn't a fluent speaker. The 3rd speaker was kinda bitchy & corky.

At the end, we won & the star speaker was the Mexican dude on my team. Don't really know how to write his name. Haha!!

Now we're just hoping that we will not face CBN or St. John in the 2nd round if not we're a goner!!.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Futsal Event was dissapoiting!!

NST semangat
NST got potential
NST the best!!

Today futsal tournament was enjoyable & somehow dissapointing that we couldn't get through to the Semi-Finals.

1st game against Black team. Lose 1-0. They got lucky goal.
2nd game against Red team. Lose 1-0. They got lucky goal also.
3rd game against Couz 1. Draw 0-0. The best game among all.

Many people cheering us. But we still can't win. Mayb luck not on our side. But surely we lose to them in size. They are around 21+ n we are 16+. WTH u expect?!!

Nice Game Everybody=D

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kena Tagged again! but this time from SABBY

Sabrina tagged me.

5 things found in my bag.

1. Hair Wax

2. Hair spray

3. Water bottle

4. Books according to the time table

5. Some private stuff you don't wanna know XD

5 things found in my wallet.

1. Money

2. IC

3. Popular Book Store Member Card

4. A reciept of my RM3800 guitar!! HAHA!!

5. A photo of me & my GF.

5 favourite things in my room

1. Handphone charger

2. Bed

3. Shirt cabinet

4. Towels

5. A poster of RO map on my wall

5 things I always wanted to do.


2. Sing like M. Shadows


4. Have sex!! This time it's serious shit. I mean real shit!!

5. Sleep throughout the day

5 things I'm currently into

1. Classical guitar

2. My GF

3. SMS-ing non stop

4. Sleep

5. Goin out every week.

List out the top 5 presents you wish for

1. Nike Lebron 5 All Star Edition

2. Having a new phone. I'm desperate for it now

3. Having 6 pacs

4. Having to watch A7x concert in Malaysia for Free!!

5. BMW 7 Series!

The person who tagged you is : SABRINA CHONG

Your 5 impressions of him/her
Kind, open hearted, shy, weird and hot ( i mean panas )

Most memorable things he/she has give/done to you:
That toy gun that she gave me for Christmas present. Haha. It's very useful!!

Tag 5 people:
Anyones that is reading this!!


Sorry if i didn't update my blog for a long time! Was to lazy to update anyways xD...

Today, after school me & some friends played basketball. Suddenly a cloud approach and it was really really scary coz of the nigga-ish colour tat it was bringing. So, we played a while. Then realised that all of us have this feeling of that we will die today!! Haha~!! We ran as fast as we can to the bus stop. We were FUCKING terrified when the lightning strike in the lake Titiwangsa! We were
like ' &%*^*$(^**%($*' to the bus stop.

Before reaching the bus stop, our bus just left.( means need to wait for another but to scared to wait) After a while, a stupid Metrobus41 was blocking us to enter the bus we wanted. So the bus behind it left and that was the 2nd bus we missed!! And again we were swearing all the way. After 5 mins, our bus came and we're suprised that the cashier in the bus didn't ask us to pay. FREE BUS RIDE HOME!!

We were happy that we didn't have to pay but before reaching Jalan Genting Klang, there was a massive flood pool and there were 2 small cars stuck in the water. Stupid drivers that just have to waste money to repair engine!! HAHA!! We tought we had to wait until the water is gone but our bus driver was kinda an retarded man. He drove through the flood pool and it was the coolest bus ride home!!


Metrobus forever!!