Friday, January 18, 2008

1st time blogging in my LIFE!!!

Hello people..

1st time blogging. I hate blogging coz' its like writing a freaking essay all the time...

Its not easy to blog. Have to think a lot. Damn it. Anyways, introduce my 1st gang, MR5

There's only 4 of us coz 1 person nt with us. Cant say who!!

Then, my 2nd gang. From church!!

If u look at the top, you can see fredrick and leon fighting... =.='

Next, my school friends. They are with me everyday. But now i changed school already. So i'll show my friends from Titiwangsa.

Jia Yap and Wei Chieh playing handphone... They also changed school d...

My best friend also. Teck Jia. Asshole also change school.

Tall man Kin Fei. Lan c he tall but he's a good guy.

Jealous of him coz he so leng zai.=.='. But he also my good friend.

(P.S.Ayi and Jun Yang, Sorry ah.. Dont have both of your photos in my computer la.. Sorry Sorry!!)

Last of all, my new found friends. Kiwanis friends. Yeah. Love them so much!!

These are my new friends. Just meet in december. Hehe.



Sabrina Cheong said...

Blogging is nothing like writing an essay !

Love me so much ah? Muahaha, aku perasan betul xD

Why all ur friends pindah skolah?