Wednesday, June 18, 2008

wooots. sprain ankle. =.=

funny to say that i fall into a longkang then injured my ankle. hmmmmm. >.< Anyways, got an x-ray but it showed nothing bad. Just a sprain. =D

But this is a 1st time for me. Hehe. Enjoying the sprain ankle. =D

Anyways, lazy update blog. Very busy lately. Dont ask why. I won't give an answer to that question. Hehe.

My mid-term results sucks too. Never studied. :( But, screw exams. Hehe.

18SX. Dont view my blog if your not 18++. Joking. Just getting complains that its quite violent blog. =.=

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Some think that holidays are supposed to be fun & be able to spent time with friends. Actually, i feel during the holidays, i feel more bored than ever. Been hanging out with friends. Miss my daily life that includes waking up early in the morning. >.<

It's fun & boring.

Quote :

Live life to the fullest. Peace :)