Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finally, After A Long Wait... I've Done It!!!

I always knew that the chemistry teacher in my school was looking down on me because of my results. So today, i faced her like a student and scolded her like hell. YEAH!!

I've been waiting for a long time to scold her back but didn't have a proper reason to do so. So today must be my lucky day!! She said i'm disturbing the class which i really didn't even do anything. She said, 'Tata is maybe the noisiest student in this class!!'. All the people laugh. Then i scolded her back,'Oi!! Tell me where i do wrong to you lah??'. Scolded her somemore in chinese bad words. Lalalala.

So, today was the happiest day of my life in school. HAHA!! Screw u bitch!!HAHA!!

(P.S. If anyone from school reads this post and reports the any teacher, i'll make sure that your mom & dad won't be able to identify your face anymore!!)