Sunday, January 20, 2008

Please watch American Gangster!!

I dont care what all you buggers think of this movie, but for me, its the best gangster movie i ever watched in my life. So this is a must watch for me!!

I can watch this movie for more than 10 times if i had the chance. A must watch in the cinemas right now!!

For the movie that i request not to watch is Cloverfield unless you dont have motion sickness if nt you can get headaches during the movie..

Seriously, this is not a bad movie. If you can vormit during a car ride then u better not watch this movie. =D

Another must not watch is Gabriel. Its can suck my balls man. It suck shit lah. What kind of angel have sex on earth with humans lah??

But the movie that i'm anticipating is Rambo 4. I think this movie can break the box office records. Go Rambo !!