Thursday, April 10, 2008

Debate Team Rockz!!

Today was the Zon-Keramat Debate Competition.

We went to SMK Seri Ampang for the competition. That school seriously sucks to the max. The canteen is lacking food. So, i wanted to go to 7 eleven to buy some things to eat. Unfortunately, the bitchy teacher didn't let me go out.

After that, we knew we were facing SMK Taman Sri Rampai. They look young & very much like a amateur. We have to wait at least 4 hours for our turn to compete. So, me & my friend to play some basketball but the teachers don't allowed us to play because need to keep the school image. Screw school image man!! My school like shit still want to keep what kind of image?!! Image of people fighting or smoking a??!!

Anyways, it was finally our turn. We were kinda nervous at first but later everything went our way. Somehow, we were the 'Negative' team. Once it started, the 1st speaker of the opponent team said things that are utterly useless & pointless. Then their 2nd speaker wasn't a fluent speaker. The 3rd speaker was kinda bitchy & corky.

At the end, we won & the star speaker was the Mexican dude on my team. Don't really know how to write his name. Haha!!

Now we're just hoping that we will not face CBN or St. John in the 2nd round if not we're a goner!!.